Kanjivaram Silk

The Kanjivaram silk saree is one of the most well-known and recognisable brands in the Indian saree industry. It has had a distinctive name in the Indian textile history for a long time. In Tamil Nadu, India's ancient city of Kanchipuram, is where the Kanjivaram silk saree is produced. In all regions of India, but particularly in Southern India, different women use this saree for important occasions and as bridal attire.

The saree or any other dress made from this woven fabric is ideal for all types of formal occasions, including weddings, haldis, sangeets, and many more. Here, the traditional weave we developed would be a thick fabric with a border of gold or silver and decorative designs all over the saree body.

Types Of Kanjivaram Sarees We Design

You can choose from a number of Kanjivaram silk sarees from us, but the greatest one for the future events you'll be attending must be your priority.

• Plain Kanjivaram Saree with Gold Border: The presence of the golden border gives the saree, despite its exquisite and straightforward appearance, a luxurious appearance. When your friends and family members get engaged or get married, wear it.

• Modern Kanjivaram Weaves Saree: Made of modern patterns and newer colours, this saree is woven. Such sarees are frequently and widely used by modern brides, and the designs would also have lovely borders.

• As the name suggests, the Temple Border Kanjivaram Saree has a zigzag temple border. In addition, there is a peak with a chevron pattern. These specific patterns even distinguish it from other Kanjivaram sarees available online, earning it the moniker "temple." These outfits would be ideal for your anniversary party, as well as any other one.

• The chakra, coin, and checked motifs can be considered and even referred to as the symbolically traditional Kanjivaram saree. This is the wealthiest and most expensive type out of all the varieties. You can wear this at a wedding, puja, festival, or bridal function. All age groups can wear a traditional saree because it is such a lovely garment.


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