Originating from the Chanderi town of Madhya Pradesh, the Chanderis is one of the fluids and lightweight summer-based cotton fabrics. Somewhat you can say that it is one of the traditional ethnic fabrics of India.

The traditional weavers of Madhya Pradesh and other parts of India practice the major art of creating and designing saris in silk and cotton. These would be decorated with a fine zari work. All over India, Chanderi town has been one of the famous places to have a cluster of cotton woven fabrics.

However, as per various Indian epics, Chanderi fabric originated during the Vedic period. Some say it was created by the cousin of Lord Krishna – Shishupal. At our WeaveinIndia website, you would come across various trendy Chanderis saris and attires. Each of the Chanderis attire are genuine one and available at affordable prices.

You can select the various colorful and best quality ones at our website. Don’t worry! We make sure to price the product as per the living standard of clients. Most ladies go for the Chanderis saris as they are very soft and easy to wear. They bring out the elegance of the wearer.

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