Patan Patola

Patan Patola

Creating the luxurious and beautiful Patan Patola needs huge and awesome skills. Only artisans having the age-old traditional skills of spinning and weaving can create this clothing or attire. The Patan Patola is also called “The King Of Cloth”. Patan Patola sarees are designed using pure silk. You can say that they are the ultimate manifestation of the weaving mastery and experience attained over many centuries. The Patan town is situated in Gujarat which is considered the birthplace of the traditional textile industry of India.

Here the saree is made of silk and is adorned with the intricate technique of double ikat. This is where the weft and warp are dyed for creating a beautiful motif that is once woven. Patan Patolas silk sarees online are considered to be of rich cultural significance.

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White Patan Patola Double Ikat Saree with Parrot Motif


Chilli Red and White Navaratna Patan Patola Ikat Saree


White Navratna Double Ikat Patan Patola Saree


Fuchsia Pink Double Ikat Patan Patola Silk Saree


Magenta Navaratna Motif Patan Patola Dupatta


Handwoven Blue Patan Patola Dupatta


Dark Green Patan Patola Dupatta


Blue Patan Patola Dupatta


Blue Leheriya Patan Patola Dupatta - Pre Order