Double ikat

Double ikat


As an old age technique of resist-dyeing, Ikat is one of the painstaking and intricate long procedures of the motif formation of weaving. In this process, yarns are dyed at a particular interval and by keeping the desired pattern in mind.

The word Ikat means to bind. The Ikat clothing is available in two categories for men. One is the single Ikat and another one is the double Ikat. The single Ikat is one where the pattern of the motifs would be dyed on a unidirectional set of threads.

The biggest feature of the Ikat dress is the blurriness of the design. Here this blurriness is an important symbol of the extreme intricacy that weavers go through and use during the time of the lining up of the dyed yarns. So, the pattern would come out perfectly in the finished clothing.

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