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Banarasi Silk

Banarasi silk saree are premium quality attire that is designed from finely woven silk. These silks are created with complicated and detailed designs and are commonly famous for their gold and silver brocade. Not only, the dress is made of fine silk, but it has a luxurious design. Do you know Banarasi saree originated from the city of lights in India? The city of Varanasi is famous for Banarasi saree. As we all know Varanasi is famous for the various textile industries present in it and they produce exquisite types of dresses that are made from real gold and silver threads. At WeaveinIndia, we produce handwoven Banarasi silk saree that are part of Indian culture. For weaving a single and elegant Banarasi silk saree, our artisans put in a huge amount of effort and time. Our collections are filled with the wonderful masterpiece of designer Banarasi silk saree. Each of the saree is framed with unique engravings and has magnificent designs.

Types of Banarasi Saree We Design

As one of the most popular ethnic wears in India, the Banarasi saree makes women beautiful and alluring. Having rich and convoluted patterns, these saree are ideal for all kinds of auspicious occasions, parties, festivals, etc. Mostly the pure Banarasi sarees are woven during weddings and complement the best jewellery worn by women.


Katan silks are commonly found in Persia and became famous in India during the Mughal era where royal women wore dresses made of Katan silk. We design Banarasi Katan silks that are extremely beautiful and even stand out from other silk dresses, all because of the sturdy nature it has.


Organza is a very thin and plain kind of fabric that is made of high-quality silk. Our Organza Banarasi saree are available in many types of patterns. Also, their motifs are designed by warp and weft that are just two opposite threads woven together.


As a lightweight, thin and plain fabric, the Georgette is made of twisted yarns. They are interwoven using both the weft and warp. Due to the presence of various twisting of the thread and being fancy in nature, our Georgette saree are preferred by women of all ages and for all kinds of occasions.

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