Single Ikats

Single Iktas

Derived from the Maya-Indonesian word ‘Munigikat’, the word Ikat means to knot or bind. Do you know the intricate and exquisite resist-dyed Ikats can be traced back to the 6th and 7th centuries? You can find the details from the Fresco paintings of the Ajanta caves. Also, the excavations from Harappa and Mohenjardo even show the existence of the Ikats fabric.

Our Ikats designer sarees have yarns that are tied in specific patterns as per the weaving skills of the experienced weaver. As soon as the tie-dying is done, the yarns are sent to the loom, from where the weaving takes place.

Detailed Weaving

For weaving the best Ikats, we use the traditional method where the yarns are dyed just before they are woven into designer cloth. This is the major difference between the Ikat weaving and other weaving processes. The core materials used by us in the Ikat technique are cotton or silk. The whole procedure of creating Ikat silk sarees starts from the bundling and wrapping of the weft or warp threads using the rubber bands. These would be done in required patterns, thereby creating an impact on the resistance of the dye’s color. We would dye the threads using other colors. Also, the bundling would be altered for creating a brand new and attractive pattern. The whole procedure would be done many times for creating multi-color and detailed patterns.

Mesmerizing Ikat Silk Sarees

The Ikat sarees of ours allow you to gleam around and turn heads during any occasion and gathering. Our sarees would make you the exquisite guest and the exciting topic of the gala. Even though the complicated chokra patterns, breath-taking color hues, and slight blurriness are time-consuming and rigorous to design, but the end product that we provide of the Ikat designer sarees is something that you would cherish.

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