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Weave In India - Creating Waves In News And Media

by WeaveinIndia Admin on April 05, 2019  in Fashion ArticlesNews & MediaWeaveinIndia

Creating Waves With The Weaves

WeaveinIndia is the story of hand-woven fabrics being crafted beautifully into the sari to the liking of a contemporary Indian woman. The designer brand that started out as a boutique under a different name is now an exclusive house of the hand woven. The brand prides itself in the fact that it collects authentic Indian fabric and curates them to create hand-woven tales on saris.
Mandira Bansal Studio became WeaveinIndia dealing solely with hand-woven textiles and exploring ways to incorporate intricate designs in those nine yards. The canvas is nine yards in length and inspiration for art possibly unbounded. 
From Saris to Dupattas to Custom-Made Designer Outfits, you can see a bespoke collection of designer outfits here.

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